Ad-Free Vogue Magazine Allows For An Uninterrupted Read [Pics]

Ad-Free Vogue Magazine Allows For An Uninterrupted Read [Pics]

This updated version of the VOGUE magazine September issue could cost you $4,447,847.53 -- the amount that brands pay to feature their products.

Serena Chu

Every month millions of dollars are poured into magazine advertisements; approximately 70 percent of a magazine’s pages are dedicated to ads.  One artist designed a social experiment that examines the fashion industry in a comical manner. Designer Joseph G. Davies turned “Vogue editor” is offering an updated version of September’s issue for a lump sum Oprah might even reconsider.

Davies removed and blackened pages featuring advertisements from the latest issue of Vogue, and kept only the content articles. The big price tag attached to this “Ad-Blocked” issue of Vogue, $4,447,847.53, is the amount advertisers spent to keep the consumer’s newsstand price at $12 a copy. He believed it is only fair for you to pay full price for a magazine without ads.

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If you have $4 million lying around, you can acquire this one-of-a-kind publication for your private collection.

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