Interactive Music Video Lets Viewer’s Phone Control The Action

Arcade Fire’s video for their new song ‘Reflektor’ uses a computer’s webcam and a mobile device to alter the scenes.

Arcade Fire’s video for their song Reflektor is an interactive short film that utilizes a computer’s webcam and a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Viewers can alter scenes in the video, changing how the visuals look depending on how close the phone is held and at what angle.

Just A Reflektor emphasizes childlike play and hopes to turn the smartphone into an exploration tool. It explores the themes in Arcade Fire’s music video through two devices simultaneously.

Interactive Music Video Turns Viewer’s Phone Into A Design Tool

Directed by Vincent Morisset and filmed in Haiti, the story follows a young woman who travels between her world and our own. To experience the film, viewers need to visit the website in Google Chrome on their computer and connect their mobile device with the browser.

Their actions will then be reflected onto the world of the film using camera vision and other technologies. You can take a look behind the scenes of Just A Reflektor in the video below:

Just A Reflektor