Audi Unveils Art Installation Created From 1,800 Car Models [Pics]

Audi Unveils Art Installation Created From 1,800 Car Models [Pics]

Quattro and aluminum, key components to Audi's brand are expolored in the work.

Dave Pinter, PSFK

Audi invited PSFK to attend the premier of the Audi Design Wall at Die Neue Sammlung (The International Design Museum) in Munich,Germany. The installation is the newest addition to the museums’ transportation collection and will be on view for at least five years.


Created by members of Audi’s in-house design team, the installation was takes advantage of a large multi-story wall, much of which can be seen by pedestrians on street level. Covering the surface of the wall are 1,800 scale models of the iconic Ur-quattro, the first car Audi debuted with quattro all-wheel drive in 1980.




Each of the models were individually milled from a solid block of aluminum, a material Audi has used and continues to use extensively in their cars for its lightweight properties. The models also aim to recall Audi tool making history and demonstrate craftsmanship that visitors are free to touch and feel.


Representing the future of the Audi brand is a full size model of the Audi Sport quattro concept which debuted at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. The designers kept the wall more sculptural, leaving alone the natural aluminum finish on the small models and coating the larger in matte white paint. You have to look closely at the grille of the small models to catch a glimpse of the Audi four rings logo.

We’ve seen Audi and other automakers dabble in the art installation world before and for a venue such as one of the worlds largest design museums, this work feels like a good fit. It tells a multi-layered story without being overtly an exercise in brand projection.










PSFK Writer Dave Pinter, PSFK