Massive Beijing Complex Modeled After Nature [Pics]

Massive Beijing Complex Modeled After Nature [Pics]

Chinese architect Ma Yansong unveiled plans for a massive mixed use complex based on the ShanShui City concept.

Leah Gonzalez

Chinese architect and Beijing studio MAD founder Ma Yansong has unveiled his plans for a massive mixed-use city complex in Beijing, complete with skyscrapers, office blocks, and public spaces inspired by mountains, hills, and rivers.

The complex will be built near a lake in one of the world’s biggest city parks, Chaoyang Park. The design for the city complex is based on the architect’s ShanShui City concept, a style based on Chinese landscape ink paintings featuring mountains and bodies of water.



Yansong wanted the development to blend city structures with natural landscapes. The complex can be seen as a futuristic city landscape painting with skyscrapers that act as mountain peaks, the office buildings as the slopes, office blocks as the ridge and residential buildings as mountain ranges. As a result the entire development will look as if it is growing naturally from the environment as opposed to being built or constructed.

Yansong launched the project at New York’s Times Square earlier this month.




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