Bike-Powered Elevator Raises Rider Up To A Treehouse [Video]

Eliminating the need for a ladder, Ethan Schlussler built an elevator using an old bike that travels the 30-foot distance from the ground.

Idaho-based designer Ethan Schlussler is building a 30-foot-high treehouse and has made a bicycle-powered elevator to get to the top. Eliminating the need for a ladder, the elevator is made out of an old bike that travels up vertically from the ground when the rider pedals.

Bike-Powered Elevator Raises Riders Up To A Treehouse [Video]

Schlussler writes:

I have built a tree house (though it is not finished yet) that is nearly 30 feet up a tree. I got tired of climbing a ladder six and a half million times a day, so I made a bicycle powered elevator to solve this problem. Don’t you wish you had one?

You can check out the bicycle-powered treehouse elevator in action in the video below:

Ethan Schlussler