Biodegradable Take-Out Box Disappears In The Ground Without A Trace [Pics]

Michal Marko’s disposable food bowl contains hidden seeds and is designed to be planted into the earth.

Tomas Bata University design student Michal Marko has developed a disposable and biodegradable food bowl that is designed to be planted into the ground, where it will eventually degrade and disappear into the earth.

The Disposable Food Bowl comes with seeds that are secured under the label, which has the words “Eat Your Food, Grow A Plant, Save A Planet.”

After eating from the disposable box, the user can take out the seeds from under the label and plant them with soil in the box. The user can then put the bowl with the plant into the ground. As the plant grows the box will disintegrate and be dissolved into the earth.



View more photos of the project in the gallery below.


Michal Marko