Celebrity Fail Memes Memorialized As Polo Shirt Logos

The #DRAKEYOLOPOLO collection of shirts features famous artists like Jay-Z and Miguel in moments that became Internet gold.

Joseph Evans’ #DRAKEYOLOPOLO collection of polo shirts feature famous artists Jay-Z, Miguel and Drake as their logo, replacing the more traditional symbols. The images depict the celebs in classic “fail moments” that became Internet gold.

Celebrity Fail Memes Memorialized As Polo T-Shirt Logos

The signature poses are recreated in full embroidery on the left side of the chest but apart from that, the shirt has the texture and fit of a standard polo. Those who’d like a shirt with the image of Jay Z awkwardly diving into a pool, Drake in a leaning pose while dressed in a Dada short suit, or Miguel performing a leg-drop, can purchase one in a range of colors and sizes for $25. Click through to see pictures of the polo shirts: