Color-Changing Building Blocks Create Illuminated Structures [Pics]

Tangeez are internally illuminated blocks that change color as you stack them to create a spectrum depending on where they are placed.

Tangeez are a set of blocks that change color as you stack them, combining red, green and blue lights to create a spectrum of colors depending on where they are placed. These “physical pixels” create a tactile and interactive experience for people of all ages.

The light-up circular building blocks are individually powered and internally illuminated. Tangeez are both an interactive toy and a design object. They can be used as ambient lights, educational toys, interactive building blocks, therapeutic tools, camping lights, emergency beacons and much more.

Color-Changing Building Blocks Double As Design Objects [Pics]

Each Tangee has three prongs on the top, three holes on the bottom, and one three-color LED inside. If you connect one prong, you’ll see one color that is either red, green or blue. Two prongs mixes two colors and three prongs mixes three colors.

Tangeez are currently raising funds on Kickstarter, where a pledge of $45 secures a mini stack of three lights and a base plate. You can check out the campaign video below and click through to see more pictures: