Mini Fish-Filled Skyscrapers Mimic City Life [Pics]

‘Fishpond City’ is a scale model of an urban district, consisting of over 50 glass boxes filled with 1,500 goldfish.

Fishpond City‘ is a permanent installation that represents urban life in China. It was developed by Christian Lindle and Raoul Bukor, in collaboration with Lu Yang and with support by Clemens Schneider.

The scale model of a city district features over fifty glass “buildings”, which are aquariums inhabited by 1,500 goldfish. The project uses multicolor LED lights to simulate a 24-hour day.

Mini Fish-Filled Skyscrapers Mimic City Life [Pics]

Fishpond City Xi’an shows the model of an urban district and its future development. The district lies within the densely populated city of Xi’an, about 5 kilometers east of the city center. It contains a large number of multi-storey buildings and a long stretch of urban parkland. Click through to see pictures of the fish-filled city:

Fishpond City