Google Street View Doubles As Fast Fitness Routes [Video]

Google Street View Doubles As Fast Fitness Routes [Video]

The BitGym app has an exercise tour called Hyperlapse which consists of videos of different countries and cities.

Leah Gonzalez

Created by Active Theory, BitGym is an exercise app which aims to make training and exercising more fun and exciting through exercise tours that take the user to places across the country or the globe.

The concept may not be new, but what’s interesting about the app is that it has an exercise tour called Hyperlapse, which consists of Google Street View videos. Users can walk, jog, or run through actual streets or roads in various cities or countries.


BitGym’s exercise tours respond to the user’s speed, which is measured by a new software that uses the camera in the user’s gadget. The app will also have interactive activities like guided workouts, classes, games, and video tours.

The creators of the app are currently seeking funds for it on Kickstarter. They also mentioned on their campaign page that there is a risk that the Hyperlapse tour might be taken down since Google’s terms about use of the videos are unclear.


Watch the video demo of Hyperlapse below.


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