System Uses Hand Gestures For Mobile Payments

Matthew Drake created Secret Handshake, a program that enables people to pay using unique movements.

Ad agency 22squared‘s Matthew Drake created Secret Handshake, a program that uses Leap Motion and a corresponding POS system to enable people to pay using their own hand gestures. This type of technology goes above and beyond mobile payments, and increases personal security through the use of unique movements.

Leap Motion System Uses Hand Gestures To Surpass Mobile Payments

The TechCrunch Disrupt hack doesn’t need a mobile phone or payment card to work, just the user’s hand. A series of gestures such as sticking certain fingers out and then making a fist would approve the transaction and trigger funds to be taken from the account previously linked using an online dashboard.

The system, which does away with the requirement for consumers to have more new tech, could be combined with facial recognition and other identifying data to make it even more secure. You can check out a short demo in TechCrunch’s video below: