Home Appliances Used To Build Dining Set [Video]

Home Appliances Used To Build Dining Set [Video]

Product designer David Steiner used materials found in his own home, including cutlery cast in cereal box molds and bowls molded in a washing machine.

Emma Hutchings

London-based product designer David Steiner‘s ‘In House’ project consists of a collection created using domesticated manufacturing techniques. Steiner used appliances and materials found in his own home to create a small factory.

Home Appliances Used To Create Dining Set [Video]

He has replicated industrial processes such as rotational casting using the washing machine, brake pressing using the door and steam bending using the microwave.

Steiner created a unique set of tableware, including cutlery and bowls, using a mixer pottery wheel, blender lathe, cutlery molds, a rotocasting device for a washing machine, and a bending jig. You can check out his creations in the video below:

David Steiner