iPhone Sticky Notes Bring Back Old-Fashioned Notetaking

Adhesive sheets of paper provide a tactile way to record ideas and keep track of to-do lists

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on September 10, 2013. @greenidealism

Taking notes using an app is one thing, but for some people, there is no better feeling than striking a line through an item on their to-do list using old-fashioned pen and paper.

PAPERBACK is a product that acknowledges this fact, which is why they created a set of adhesive notes you can use with your iPhone.

Each pad comes with 80 sheets, which you can attach to your phone one at a time, or in small stacks so that you are not limited to just one page of tasks or ideas.


The sheets use a removable adhesive, so the sheets stay flat on your iPhone, making sure they don’t affect the aesthetics.

You can buy this smartphone notepad from for $7.95.



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