Hyper-Realistic TV Set Fools Viewers Into Believing The World Is Ending [Video]

LG Chile made an HD TV look like an ordinary window to show just how clear the picture is.

You walk into an office for a job interview expecting to be grilled with questions, but instead you look out the window behind the interviewer and see the city burning. What would you do?

That’s basically the premise in a video posted recently by LG Chile.

In the video, an LG HD TVs is installed in an office and made to look like an ordinary window with a view of the city. They also install hidden cameras to document what happens when unsuspecting job applicants are led to believe that the city outside has been hit by a meteor and is going up in flames. Of course, they reveal the joke later on to relieved and angry applicants.


The video is meant to show just how clear and realistic the display of the new Ultra HD TV is.

This is not the first time that LG has used such tactics in their video campaigns. The company has created a series of videos showing similar ‘pranks,’ including one where people are led to believe the elevator floor beneath them has fallen out.

You can enjoy the Job Interview video below.