Proposed Mars Colony To Carve Caves From The Planet’s Bedrock [Pics]

Proposed Mars Colony To Carve Caves From The Planet’s Bedrock [Pics]

ZA Architects released a proposal for the colonization of Mars, with underground homes dug from the planet’s surface.

Daniela Walker

German architectural firm ZA Architects envisions a future where humans live on Mars in underground caverns built from solar-powered robots. The firm’s Mars colony concept design sees these yet-to-be invented robotics using Martian material such as basalt rock to form the dwellings.

The robots would dig out the basalt rock in areas where it has formed natural hexagonal columns, to create high-ceilinged caves. Basalt fibers would also be used to weave floors, which are similar to carbon fibers, but stronger. Arina Ageeva of ZA Architects told Dezeen:

We can weave minimal surfaces that will be used as floors on different levels in the cave. This material is already in use in the aerospace and automotive industries. It is stronger and lighter than steel, easier to operate, fireproof and it does not corrode.

The concept was devised by the architects as part of a research project for Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA). While talking in concepts now, Ageeva believes that the possibility of a Mars colony is much closer than we think. She says:

Curiosity sooner or later will bring human to Mars and wouldn’t it be nice to have permanent station to explore it?

See pictures of their vision below:

ZA Architects

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