Micro-House DIY Kit Puts Design Power Into Homeowners’ Hands

Micro-House DIY Kit Puts Design Power Into Homeowners’ Hands

Flexible and affordable design makes this kit perfect for a home studio, guesthouse, or backyard retreat.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 september 2013

A pair of Dutch designers have created an open source house kit that allows DIY enthusiasts to build their own customizable micro home. Featuring a multipurpose interior and a surprisingly spacious design for a house that measures in at just 150 square feet.

Daniel Venneman and Mark van der Net have named their creation the “Hermit House,” a building that makes use of a zigzag floor plan, and a folding structure that means the final building can be constructed with inexpensive and lightweight materials.

Part of a University project, the pair created the house with the motto “Life Unplugged” in mind, giving users a chance to build a getaway that would allow them to relax and disconnect from the outside world.


As reported by GizMag, Daniel and Mark said:

We see the Hermit Houses as a comfortable small laboratory where people can experiment with living modestly, completely energy-neutral and in interaction with their surroundings.

The interior is comprised of a single open space, which lead out on to an open deck, divided by a floor-to-ceiling glass window. There are eight different options to choose from, with add-ons including an eco-bathroom and kitchen.

Choosing between these options has been simple and enjoyable thanks to an online 3D interface. Once happy with your design, a set of personal plans are generated, meaning all you have to do is head out and choose the building materials and get them cut.


Just some of the possible uses for such a space are a studio, guesthouse, temporary festival pavilion, holiday retreat or backyard office.

The kit currently costs €700 per sqm [approx. US$936 per 10 sq. ft.], excluding VAT, installation and transportation costs.

Hermit House


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