Moving Sculpture Doubles As Research Classroom [Pics]

Created by Reitveld Landscap and Studio Frank Havermans, ‘Secret Operation 610′ serves as a working environment for researchers.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on September 30, 2013.

Created by Reitveld Landscape and Studio Frank Havermans for The Peace of Utrecht festival, ‘Secret Operation 610′ is an artwork that also serves as a workspace for researchers. The lab’s spider-like shape and gray exterior evoke imagery of the Cold War and military weaponry, perhaps inspired by its location at a former NATO base.

Mobile Classroom Doubles As A Sci-Fi Work Of Art [Pics]

It moves slowly using its caterpillar tracks, allowing visitors to experience the area and the history of the military airbase in new ways. It functions as a working environment, creating opportunities for innovative research programs.

Students of the Technical University Delft will develop a program inside the mobile sculpture for the innovative flying of the 21st century: “no noise, no carbon, just fly”. Click through to see pictures of Secret Operation 610:

Studio Frank Havermans

Photos via DesignBoom.