Eerie Makeup Portraits Reveal Model’s Multiple Faces [Pics]

Eerie Makeup Portraits Reveal Model’s Multiple Faces [Pics]

Sebastian Bieniek created an optical illusion photographic series.

Serena Chu

German artist Sebastian Bieniek daringly tells a story of a two-faced female through an intriguing series of photographic images titled Doublefaced. Using common makeup products such as eyeliner and lipstick, Bieniek adds another face on his model’s head, giving her a pseudo-siamese twin. He draws in a nose, another eye, and lips on the side of her face. Bieniek incorporates one of the model’s eyes in his artistic remake of her face, while covering the rest of the facial features with her hair.

The pictures are all taken in public and private spaces such as a restaurant, a subway, and someone’s living room. The images evoke an sense of eeriness and bewilderment, leaving viewers with mixed emotions.

How do these images make you feel?