Nature-Inspired Design Creates Mini Terrariums In A Tumbler

A translucent mountain range rises from the bottom of each glass.

At best, the typical glass tumbler offers a fancy way to swirl your best whiskey and let oxygen permeate the liquor. But, what if your drink holder could become more than just a mere vessel for a delicious beverage?

Aruliden, a New York-based design consultancy, has designed a hand-blown piece that does just that. The Glasscape tumblers feature a translucent mountain range poking up from the bottom of each glass. When the glasses are filled with your drink of choice, the mountainside transforms into a submerged iceberg, rising up with every sip. This design carries over to an accompanying bowl, which can serve as a terrarium or as a piece of art by itself.


Preceding these tumblers was the original Glasscape bowl, which reinterpreted the traditional fishbowl as a design piece for the home. ┬áIts textured interior transforms the fish’s environment into an underwater landscape, just waiting to be explored.