NY Times Wedding Section Analysis Visualizes Years Of Nuptial Trends [Pics]

Custom data visualizations of marriage similarities and differences dating back to 1981.

Rap lyrics analysis site Rap Genius has created WeddingCrunchers, a site that measures the frequency of phrases in the NY Times wedding announcements since 1981.

Inspired by the Google Books Ngram Viewer, the database shows factors as simple as age trends, yet also reveals more complex ideas such as religion, the decline of debutante culture and political preferences over time.


Specifically, WeddingCrunchers allows users to measure the frequency of certain words and phrases in the 60,000 (and growing) announcements on display. When you search for a phrase, or an ‘n-gram’ the results are displayed in a graph that shows the usage of that particular phrase and how, or if, it has fluctuated over time.

Head over to WeddingCrunchers to discover more trends that founder Todd Schneider discovered through an ‘endless fascination with weirdo New York culture.’