What Passersby See If They Look Down In New York City [Pics]

Art Director Daniel Soares captured New Yorkers from the ground up.

Kyana Gordon
Kyana Gordon on September 17, 2013. @Tropikyana

San Francisco based art director, Daniel Soares observed how many New Yorkers look up and thought to create a photography series, titled “NYC: Down To Earth”— dedicated to what is seen when one peers downwards in the Big Apple. Placing his camera on the ground, his thoughtful, black and white images tell a different story – one devoid of skyscrapers, street signs, and epic sunsets

Soares’ snapshots catch oft-overlooked scenes: piles of garbage, locked up bicycles, the homeless, and people reading casually on the sidewalk. When these photographs were exhibited in a gallery, they were placed on the floor so each viewer could see them from the same angle as the photographer. Browse the diverse selection of photos below which all represent another perspective of New York City.

Daniel Soares

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