On-Demand Retail Delivery Service Turns Manhattan Stores Into Warehouses

WunWun is launching a free pick-up and delivery from stores and users can get other items sent to them for an additional cost.

WunWun is eliminating their task-related services, with their new app focusing on free pick-up and delivery from any store in Manhattan. Users can ask WunWun “helpers” to pick up items like an iPhone charger, some groceries or a pair of jeans.

On-Demand Delivery Service Turns Manhattan Stores Into Warehouses

For an additional cost of $20, they can get other things delivered that need to be prepared, like dry-cleaning or a prescription from the pharmacy. WunWun is an on-demand helper that aims to make shipping easier by turning stores into warehouses.

The app’s ‘Pick For Me’ feature is for users who don’t mind where their item is picked up from. They can request an item and helpers will find a location that stocks it. WunWun writes:

We first changed the status quo in NYC and introduced a way for NYC to get something delivered on-demand. Now we’re changing things again by revolutionizing the shopping experience and introducing a way to get something delivered from any store for free.