Hand-Drawn Business Card Unfolds Into A Miniature Pop-Up Office

Finnish designer creates personalized networking materials to vividly depict clients’ characteristics.

A business card is an integral part of any networking strategy or marketing plan. The best kind of business cards are the ones that are personal and a little quirky. Designer¬†Adele Enersen¬†created a pop-up business card that opens up into a tiny office, featuring a petite secretary. In promotion of her “Littlest Ad Agency”, Enersen wanted to create personalized marketing pieces that can represent her client’s charisma.

business card 4

Enersen takes her advertising company wherever she goes, telling stories wherever her imagination takes her. Living in Finland, she continues to sharpen her storytelling talents in the form of little business keepsakes.

You can check out her other marketing crafts on Facebook or on her personal site.

The Littlest Ad Agency