Street Art Only Appears During Torrential Downpours [Pics]

Creative new form of covert street art uses NeverWet as an urban magic marker.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on September 19, 2013. @greenidealism

NeverWet is a silicon-based spray that repels liquids, and has already been proven to protect your iPhone from the harmful effects of too much water. Perfect for times when it finds itself in a puddle, a pool, or even the toilet. Now, the spray has been used to create pieces of street art that are only visible in the rain – a lot like an “urban magic marker.”

Two users from the Home Depot Community came up with the idea, and have already put it to the test on a few pieces of work. Nathan Sharratt and Dana0814 use stencils to achieve the desire effect, but there is no doubt those with a little more experience could take things even further.


Considering an important aspect of many street artists is discretion, this spray could become a covert way to create pieces of art right under peoples’ noses. Finding any evidence that an artist was even there would have to be saved for a rainy day. For those with less patience there is also the option of a garden house, or bucket of water, but that hardly seems fair.


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