Sunglass Lenses Replace Train Windows To Depict A Rose-Colored World

Ray-Ban let commuters see what the city would look like if they were wearing a new pair of the brand’s shades.

In the Belgian cities of Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels, Ray-Ban has made it possible for tram passengers to see the world from a different perspective – well, nine in fact.

Ad agency DDB Brussels were tasked with promoting Ray-Ban’s latest range of polorized color lenses. They came up with the “Ray-Ban Test-Drive Trams,” a series of trams that have their windows layered with nine different colored filters. The idea allows commuters to see the world as if they were looking through a new pair of the company’s sunglasses.


For all those in search of interesting photography opportunities, the windows are also a more original way to apply filters to your photos. This is something the campaign encourages passengers to do, uploading their pictures to social media afterwards and sharing them with the hashtag: #nofilterjustrayban.