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Conversation App Teaches Kids How To Speak

Conversation App Teaches Kids How To Speak

The Winston Show is an educational program intended to fortify strong social habits amongst children.

Serena Chu

Often times we all just need to talk to someone or something. ToyTalk recently debuted their forward leaping project The Winston Show, which is an iPad app for young kids that utilizes voice recognition to converse with its audience. After leaving Pixar two years ago, Oren Jacob founded ToyTalk in hopes of creating a more interactive form of entertainment.

The Winston Show is not really a show, it is an app that has programed skits and engages in actual conversation with the children using it. Inspired by Dora the Explorer, The Winston Show acknowledges the questions and comments children have and provides meaningful answers. Instead of kids shouting answers at the television set, the show now shouts questions back to the kids as well!

winston 2

The show has a generous collection of programed skits, each unique in its own style of dialogue. Featured skits included Winston reading stories in the “Writer’s Room,” which allows kids to choose alternative endings for stories. In “You Vs.”, kids can participate in trivia games while competing against historical figures like Marie Antoinette. In addition, many open-ended conversational skits give kids the opportunity to share his or her preferences with Winston.

In total, there are over 3,000 open ended conversational lines programmed into the show.

Toytalk wants to help kids break free from their introverted habits. Instead of leaving your kids in the corner flinging angry birds at pigs, why not have them interact with a more educational character? The Winston Show is the first of its kind; it is also a good indicator of where talking technology is headed in the future.

The Winston Show is available for download in Apple’s App Store.

The Winston Show


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