Tesco’s Supermarket Collection Rivals High-Fashion Lines [Pics]

Affordable Saint Laurent-inspired collection could rival more expensive options from the catwalk.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on September 10, 2013. @greenidealism

What started as just another supermarket fashion line has very quickly caught the attention of big names such as Vogue, and could soon be competing with brands that are a lot more expensive, and exclusive.

Tesco has launched a collection called Florence & Fred that was inspired by the Saint Laurent autumn/winter collection for 2013. Just some of the things to look forward to include a Kensington flagship store, a Somerset House catwalk show, ads starring Tom Ford model Jon K, and a new denim line that will be in the next issue of Vogue.


Citing grunge, androgyny with a feminine twist, biker influences and a bit of Bowie, Bolger – the F&F global brand and marketing director – describes this collection as one “for women who want to look like women – inspired by fashion but not following it slavishly.”

With interest in the label growing by the day, there are already plans for a spring/summer collection that could generate just as much excitement.

Take a look at the pictures to see what all the excitement is about:

Florence & Fred


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