Thriller Music Video Reimagined As LEGO Stop Motion [Video]


Designer recreates a Michael Jackson classic using stop-motion videography.

Ross Brooks

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video is big piece of music history, breaking all sorts of records, and leading to a huge following of people who are able to recreate the dance. Berlin based animator Annette Jung however, opted to recreate the video in her own way – using nothing but LEGO pieces.

Jung used the infamous building blocks to design a one minute stop-motion clip of the ‘Thriller” video. She recreated the opening dialogue between Michael Jackson and actress Ola Ray as it happens in the original, but opted for some artistic license if what happens throughout the rest of the video.


We won’t spoil any surprises, you will just have to watch the video to see what makes this LEGO recreation so special:

Annette Jung


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