Video Game Slows Time To Wait For Player’s Next Move [Video]

SUPERHOT is a first person shooter created by Blue Brick that features an intuitive minute and second control mechanism.

Developed during the 7dfps challenge, which called for companies to make a first person shooter in seven days, SUPERHOT is a fresh take on the genre. In the game, time only moves when you move, giving players a chance to carefully plan what they’re going to do next.

Matrix-Style Video Game Slows Time For Player’s Next Move [Video]

Created by Polish company Blue Brick, the fluid time mechanics and limited ammunition mean every level is like a strategic puzzle that needs to be solved. Time slows down when the player isn’t moving, and this intuitive time control mechanism creates innovative gameplay.

Fight enemies that dodge your bullets like you dodge theirs. FINALLY WORTHY ADVERSARIES. Predict their moves, outsmart and CHECKMATE THEM INTO A CORNER, storming with bullets. Prove your MASTERY OVER TIME itself.

Matrix-Style Video Game Slows Time For Player’s Next Move [Video]

The aim is to get rid of all the aggressive enemies in the level, and this occurs during short and intense action scenes. Players can dodge bullets and when their ammo runs out they can take down armed enemies with their bare hands.

You can play SUPERHOT online and vote for it on Steam Greenlight to see the game expanded further. Check out the trailer below: