Wheelchair Redesign Places The Pusher And The User Side By Side

Designer Tammy Kalinsky developed a wheelchair attachment that places the caregiver/pusher alongside the person being wheeled, instead of behind them.


Side by Side is a patent-pending design by designer Tammy Kalinsky. It is an attachment that fits on traditional wheelchairs that enables the person pushing the wheelchair to stand beside the person in the wheelchair, thereby facilitating communication and connection between the two.


Kalinksy originally envisioned the attachment for children in wheelchairs, who often need to speak to their caregiver whilst being strolled. Inspired by kids’ bicycles, the brightly colored design also includes a horn and a flashing light, allowing the sitter to have even more interaction while out for a stroll.

Click through the gallery to see the Side by Side handlebars from all angles.

Tammy Kalinksy