Zegna’s Bluetooth-Enabled Jacket Presents A Posh Take On Wearable Technology

The Icon Jacket allows the wearer to control his mobile from the sleeve cuff.

Italian luxury fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna has come out with a Bluetooth-enabled sports jacket that lets the wearer control his mobile device from the sleeve cuff.

The Icon Jacket is a slim-fit, waterproof, triple-layer zip jacket that has joystick controls installed on the sleeve. The controller has a phone control menu to allow the wearer to answer or end calls. The controller also has music menu to let the wearer play and pause tunes from a mobile device.

The controller works like a typical joystick. The wearer simply toggles the flexible stick to the right, left, or upwards and downwards. It has a play or push function that works by pushing the joystick in the center.

Zegna-Icon-Jacket-2 Zegna-Icon-Jacket-3

The wearer needs to pair his mobile device with the Icon Jacket via Bluetooth to be able to use the controller, and earphones connect easily to a device through strategically-placed holes on the jacket.

The Icon Jacket comes with an operating manual that details out the phone control and music control menus.