Animated GIFs Convey Aging’s Effect On The Face [Pics]

Watch the shocking physical transformation that people go through as time passes.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on October 10, 2013. @greenidealism

Aging tends to sneak up on most of us, making it hard to truly appreciate how much we have changed over the years. In an effort to point out the drastic changes that affect us all, video site Dovga has created a series of GIFs that slowly transform vintage photos of people into their present-day selves.

Some of the animations make it hard to believe that the two images are of the same person, and how much change the passing of time can really have on us. Distinctive features such as eyes and bone structure help to identify people as their former selves, despite the uncanny ability of nose and ears to continue growing throughout our lives.


Be sure to look at the rest of the images from this truly breathtaking comparison of young and old:


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