Artist Shoots Paint Out Of His Eyes To Create Watercolor Masterpieces [Video]

Argentinian artist Leandro Granato snorts paint and then ejects it out of his sockets onto a canvas.

As a child, Argentinian artist Leandro Granato discovered that because of an unusual connection between his nose and eyes, he could push liquids from his nose and out of his eye. He now uses his unique skill to create works of art.

Granato snorts paint and then ejects it out of his eye and onto a canvas. He calls his technique “eye-painting” and he spent a couple of years improving his technique and developing a special paint that doesn’t irritate or damage his eyes.



Granato first started painting to cope with the loss of his grandfather who died of cancer. He eventually decided to create his “eye-paintings” for a living. He cites artist Jackson Pollock as one of his influences. Pollock was known for his unusual style of drip paintings.

Granato admits that some people like his abilities and some don’t, and that some think he’s crazy because of his technique, but he continues to do his thing and is searching for art galleries and dealers that can help him spread the word about his art.

The videos below show the artist creating masterpieces with his special skill.

Leandro Granato