Fake Pro-NSA Billboards Challenge The Idea Of A Surveilled Internet [Pics]

Fake Pro-NSA Billboards Challenge The Idea Of A Surveilled Internet [Pics]

BitTorrent takes responsibility for billboards that claim "The Internet Should Be Regulated," then defaces them.

Ross Brooks

BitTorrent recently claimed responsibility for posters that popped up in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, going against the idea of a free and open Internet. Including phrases such as “The Internet Should Be Regulated” and “Your Data Should Belong To The NSA,” they are part of a larger campaign from the company.

The campaign highlights key issues surrounding internet privacy, such as allowing personal information to become the property of a powerful few, accepting walled gardens of creativity and an overwhelming culture of surveillance. While it might seem gloomy, they also make it clear that there is a choice – whether or not to let the Internet become a tool for control, or a platform for innovation and freedom.


BitTorrent also wanted to highlight the fact it is a decentralized, artist-owned publishing platform: a zero-cost alternative for media distribution, and a secure, distributed response to the challenge of data surveillance: a way to sync and store information, free from the cloud.


Images by Animal New York

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