Sensor Monitors Brainwaves To Shoot Hands-Free iPhone Footage [Video]

Neurocam identifies what the wearer is interested in and records that footage in GIF format.

Demoed at this year’s Human Sensing conference, Neurocam is  a wearable camera system that uses brainwave sensors and a smartphone camera to identify what the wearer is interested in and then automatically records the footage and saves them in an album.

The system consists of a headset with a brainwave sensor. The user attaches his or her iPhone to the headset. The iPhone camera “sees” what the wearer is looking at through a prism and analyzes the wearer’s brainwaves via an iPhone app. The app assesses the wearer’s interest on a scale of 0 to 100. If the wearer’s brainwaves indicate an interest level of at least 60, the system automatically records the scenes and saves them in five-second GIF clips.


Neurocam is the latest from the Neurowear project, which looks into devices that use brainwaves and bio-sensors. The Neurocam uses an analytics algorithm co-developed by Professor Mitsukura at Keio University.

Watch the video report by DigInfo below for more about the Neurocam.

Get a quick look at how Neurocm works via the clip below.

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