Historic Brooklyn Shipping Terminal Transforms Into Art, Design And Fashion Hub

With renovations well underway, Industry City christens a new event space with a design show.

Dave Pinter
Dave Pinter on October 25, 2013. @DavePinter

The maker community in Brooklyn has experienced a surge in growth over the last decade. Individuals and small studios design and create everything from bicycles to high end fashion items. While there are sporadic events which offer opportunities for business owners to directly connect with consumers and sell, Brooklyn has lacked a dedicated venue to support local manufacturers, until now. The Factory Floor is a renovated 22,000 square foot space purpose-designed and built to host pop-up shops for local makers. It has potential to transform not only the local design community but also the surrounding neighborhood.


The Factory Floor is located within Industry City, a massive shipping and industrial complex located in Sunset Park on Brooklyn’s south west side. The site was once the largest multi-tenant industrial property in the United States and currently encompasses 16 buildings with a mind boggling total of 6.5 million square feet of floor space. Renovations to the buildings have been underway for the past several years. While somewhat isolated from other current Brooklyn hotspots, eventually the 14-mile Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, a waterfront pedestrian and bike path will pass right through Industry City. Subway access is currently fairly effortless from the D, N and R trains.

PSFK took a tour of The Maker’s Market, which features design and furniture work from Brooklyn-based studios and companies. Presented by Design Within Reach and BKLYN DESIGNS, the event spans two weekends and includes both first time exhibitors and established names.

A Maker’s Market at Industry City
241 37th Street Brooklyn, New York
Saturday October 26 and Sunday October 27 from 10 AM to 6 PM.
Admission is free.

Here’s a photo tour from our visit:

factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_02 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_03 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_06 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_05 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_04 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_08 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_09 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_10

Stéphane Hubert Design


Atocha Design

factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_12 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_13 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_14

Materia Designs

factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_15 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_16

Wonk Furniture


Sierra Yip – Bannicq / Pratt Institute Industrial Design


Pratt Institute Industrial Design

factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_19 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_20

David Krawczyk / Pratt Institute Industrial Design







factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_24 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_25 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_26 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_27 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_28 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_29

Roll & Hill - demonstrated lighting wiring and assembly.

factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_30 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_31

Moonish - debuted magnetic stained plywood wall tiles that can be easily rearranged or updated.

factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_32 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_47 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_48 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_33

bhold - product development and manufacturing company using only 3d printing technology. Currently producing a line of multi-use earbud holders and a double walled ceramic sake cup set that insulates the heat from touch.

factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_34 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_35 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_36

Mark Grattan

factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_37 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_38 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_39


factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_40 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_41 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_42

Volk Furniture


Bien Hecho - water cooler made from reclaimed wood from a Brooklyn rooftop water barrel.

factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_45 factory_floor_industry_city_brooklyn_46

Juniper Design Group