Color-Changing Radiator Turns Red When It Heats Up [Pics]

Color-Changing Radiator Turns Red When It Heats Up [Pics]

In-home heating systems let owner's know when it is hot.

Serena Chu

There is rarely an effective way to decorate the unattractive yet necessary radiators in any house, however Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir, found a way around the problem. Changing the way we see our central heating source, she created a radiator that closely resembles human capillaries.

Arnadottir’s Blush radiator is unique in shape and color scheme. The radiator is painted with thermochromatic paint that turns red from top to bottom when it is heating up. When no heat is passing through, the radiator rests in a cool shade of blue.

blush 2

Inventive in both practicality and design, Blush is a functional art installation that adds both color and safety to the home.