10 Stories You Need To Know Today

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Flint will enable payment processing via camera phone, Samsung is fined by Taiwan, and YC startups are now worth a ton of money.

Sara Boboltz

Flint tries to one-up Square with hardware-free mobile payment service. Gigaom

Samsung fined for hating on Taiwanese mobile provider HTC.

Y Combinator startups are now worth billions of dollars. TechCrunch

Train eavesdropper live-tweets former NSA head’s chat with journos.  The New York Times

MTV enables TV binge-watchers through its app. Variety

The women of Saudi Arabia want driving privileges, already. The Guardian

Expect more ads next time you look something up on Google Maps. Wired

NYC’s 250,000 street lights will all be LEDs by 2017. The Verge

Tesla hired Apple exec to help develop new Teslas. The Los Angeles Times

Wikipedia launched a service aimed at Africans to deliver SMS articles. BBC