Digitally-Constructed T-Shirts Mimic Birds In Flight [Pics]

Design collective The T-Shirt Issue released Muybridge Pt. 2, a set of shirts that represent three different positions of a bird’s body during...

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on October 11, 2013.

Interdisciplinary collective The T-Shirt Issue has released Muybridge Pt. 2, a series of T-shirts that represent three different time periods in a bird’s flight. The group builds technology to challenge traditional clothing manufacturing, and uses a digital approach to infuse simple materials with origami-like shapes.

The Muybridge series is a digital approach to transporting classic dynamics onto standalone garments. A bird in full flight was rigged, animated and then exported onto the T-shirts.

Digitally-Constructed T-Shirts Mimic Birds In Flight [Pics]

The designs represent three frozen frames from the animated flight, displaying a different position of the bird’s body during motion. The T-Shirt Issue was inspired by Eadward Muybridge’s photography work during the late 1800s, with which he pioneered in the field of capturing animal and human locomotion. Click through to see images of the T-shirts and check out the motion study in the video below:

The T-Shirt Issue

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