Foldable Bedrooms Provide A Private Place To Sleep At The Office

Designers create collapsable bedrooms to keep professionals well-rested.

Instead of squirming around to find a comfortable position on an awkward piece of office furniture, you can now snuggle up in your own bed and sheets. Designed by Lieke Jildou de Jong and Alei Verspoor, the Fold Inn is a collapsable bedroom that fits in any sizable office or vacant space.


The Fold Inn is built of wood panels, and is about the same size of an average elevator. When expanded the moveable accommodation provides the same amount of privacy as home. It is easy to set up and store away, making it the perfect addition to a professional setting.

fold 3

From October 19-29, the Fold Inn will be on display at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The Dutch designers will be showcasing their project for the first time at the Temporary Art Centre (TAC).

Fold Inn