Time-Lapse Visualization Reveals The Ebb And Flow Of NYC Travel [Video]

Foursquare maps everyday movement in a city of 8 million people with a short animation.

Presented below is the story of countless work commutes, shopping excursions, museum tours, doctor appointments, salon visits, strolls through parks, sessions of class, lunches and dinners with friends or colleagues — all told through Foursquare check-ins. The social media company put together this transfixing 30-second video, color-coding each check-in by category, such as Residence, Nightlife, Shopping & Service, and Transport, to illustrate movement over the course of one day in a bustling metropolis.

You’ll see the city glow yellow with Professional check-ins at 9AM, fade to green Food, and then blue Nightlife in the evening. Take a look: