Glasses For Tourists Project Translated Text On Foreign Signs

NTT Docomo unveiled a pair of augmented reality glasses that can translate foreign text for the wearer.

Japanese telecoms company NTT Docomo recently unveiled a pair of augmented reality glasses that can automatically translate foreign text and project the translation in the wearer’s own language.

The augmented reality head-mounted device or HMD uses character recognition technology to translate languages for users who are reading foreign signs, menus, or other documents. It then projects the translation onto the object that the user was reading.

The pair of glasses also uses facial recognition software to identify someone the user meets, and, with the help of a finger ring that activates animated tags, the device can also use any flat surface as a touchscreen.

The device was revealed at the CEATEC electronics trade show in Chiba, located in the outskirts of Tokyo. The telecoms company promises that the gadget will be ready in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


NTT Docomo