Highway Billboard Doubles As A Public Library [Pics]

Eco-friendly ad looks like a pile of books and acts as a unique form of marketing.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on October 23, 2013. @greenidealism

When ikon.5.architects designed the Kirkwood Public Library in New Castle, Delaware, they decided a much better option than erecting a billboard on the nearby highway would be to the make the building itself an advertisement. Not only has the ingenious design granted easy access to the public facility, it has also created a one-of-a-kind advertising campaign for the local library.

Apart from its unique location, every other aspect of the building has been designed with learning in mind. Cement board siding on the exterior is stacked to look like a pile of books, while floor-to-ceiling windows allow abundant amounts of light to enter the building and make reading that much more enjoyable.


The structure has was also built with environmentally friendly materials that include natural cedar trim, as well as recyclable carpet and acoustical ceiling panels. For more efficient energy use, a cedar solar screen lines the colorful two-story reading room which is able to harvest the sun’s energy.



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