Lenovo Ad Demonstrates Our Dependence On Electronics In Everyday Life [Video]

Video ad reminds us how we choose to take on the characteristics of our mobile devices.

We dedicate most of our time to technology, and live in a world that is interconnected by different electronic devices. Lenovo highlights this phenomena in their “Everyday Mobility” video, which tells a story of a girl and the role technology plays in her life. More specifically, the video illustrates her daily routines, while she carries a computer with her face projected onto the screen.

lenovo 2

In collaboration with Clemens Poloczek, the founder of iGNANT, Lenovo seeks to promote their Yoga IdeaPad, and display the mobility of this newly introduced electronic. The clip showcases the varying features of the Yoga IdeaPad by interchanging among its 4 modes: notebook, stand, tablet, or tent.

Do you think this video accurately depicts your life?


Lenovo YogaIdeaPad