Projector Lights Up Children’s Bedrooms With Interactive Games [Video]

LUMO tears kids away from screens and puts the focus back on physical play.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on October 28, 2013. @greenidealism

In an age when screens dominate children’s attention, there is a device that might be able to wrestle their attention back into the physical world. The LUMO Interactive Projector is the first commercial version of technology that is normally used to create interactive displays at museums. Its creators believe there is nothing quite like playing outside or turning a cardboard box into a spaceship, but for the times when that just isn’t practical, there is LUMO.

The ceiling-mounted light fixture features an interactive LED projector, a motion sensor, and a tiny computer, making it easy to turn any flat surface around the house into an interactive environment for the kids. LUMO also comes with an entire library of downloadable games and applications which prevents kids from getting bored with games after they’ve been played for a while..


LUMO is currently raising funds through Kickstarter and a production version requires a $500 donation, though early birds can claim a pre-release version for $475. Check out the outdoor alternative in the video below:

LUMO Interactive Projector

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