Massive Land Portrait Recreates A Child’s Face Out Of Dirt [Pics]

Artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada created his art piece using only grass, dirt, and sand.

Cuban contemporary artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada created a portrait spanning 11 acres of land in Belfast.

The art work, called Wish, is that of a child’s face and was created using only organic materials such as tons of soil, sand, and grass. The artist created the portrait with the help of satellite technology.

From someone on the ground, the piece simply looks like rows of dirt and grass, but aerial views show the complete picture of a child’s face looking up warmly at the viewer.


The piece was revealed as the largest land-art portrait in the UK and in Ireland for this year’s Ulster Bank Belfast Festival.

Rodriguez-Gerada described the portrait as ‘a fitting tribute to a city which has so much positivity to offer.’

The short clip below shows an aerial tour of the massive land portrait.

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada