Giant Floating Hand Flips The Bird At Czech Government

Giant Floating Hand Flips The Bird At Czech Government

One artist public shares his thoughts about politics, and gives the ruling power his two cents.

Serena Chu
  • 23 october 2013

Art has always been a medium of expression, allowing people to voice their thoughts, morals, and everything in between. Furious with his country’s politics, Czech sculptor David Cerny turned his thoughts into a public art installation, which currently floats on the Vltava River in front of the Prague Castle.


The 30-foot-high, plastic purple hand with a giant raised middle finger is a satirical piece meant to criticize the country’s ongoing political corruption and power-hunger politicians.

On the phone Cerny said:

This finger is aimed straight at the castle politics. After 23 years, i am horrified at the prospect of the Communists returning to power and of Mr. Zeman helping them to do so.”


Cerny has a track record  of speaking out against the government. He painted a Soviet tank pink to mock the liberation of Czechoslovakia by the Red Army. His caricature of the former Czech president and depiction of Germany as a network of motorways resembling a swastika contributed to his infamous name. He is no stranger to freedom of expression.

David Cerny

Photos by Reuters and Michal Cizek for Getty Images.

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