Large-Scale Murals Form Faces Out Of Miniature Toys [Pics]

Large-Scale Murals Form Faces Out Of Miniature Toys [Pics]

London-based artist assembles portraits from small objects to create symbolic art pieces.

Serena Chu

Artist Joe Black enjoys creating large-scale murals of iconic and historical figures. His latest project, which is currently on display at the Opera Gallery in London, include portraits of US President Barack Obama, Chairman Mao Zedong, and Margaret Thatcher.¬†Black uses thousands of tiny objects like small toys, chess pieces, and nuts and bolts to compile these eye-catching artworks. Each of the piece’s components are specially chosen to allude to the figures themselves.

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The portrait of President Obama entitled, “Shoot to Kill”, is made up of 11,000 black and white toy soldiers. Thousands of nuts and bolts were used to create “Broken Britain,” a portrait of the previous Prime Minister of the UK.

Black’s Ways of Seeing solo exhibition¬†will be on display through November 19, 2013.

Ways of Seeing

PSFK Writer Serena Chu