Paper Whisky Bar Provides A Modern Take On Traditional Cabinets [Pics]

A contemporary piece of furniture that uses surprising materials to create a high-design item.

Changing the way we see traditional cabinetry, Thomas Schneider recently introduced his senior furniture-making project Harper, which is a whisky cabinet designed with a minimalist appeal. This whisky cabinet is made of american ash, folded drop paper, and painted steel, standing proudly like a butler handing you a drink.

The accordion-folded shade shields the table, encapsulating it in a cloud of mystery. Whether it is the overall form of the table or the use of simple materials, Harper is an elegantly designed piece of furniture that will brighten up any living room.

Schneider says:

Since cabinetmaking is usually seen as an antiquated discipline in furniture making and design, I wanted to show that it is possible to create a contemporary piece of work using very traditional techniques.