13 Storied You Need To Know Today

13 Storied You Need To Know Today

Prisons let computers decide who gets parole, and Google will start showing friends your reviews.

Sara Boboltz
  • 15 october 2013

Prisons turn to software and probability to decide who deserves parole. The Verge

Google will show your friends things you’ve reviewed and recommended via Google. The Guardian

The Windows phone now supports XXL screen sizes. CNET

Russian state-controlled telecom group plans search engine named after Sputnik. MSN News

In Norway, Tesla’s Model S overtakes Volkswagon Gold as best-selling car. Reuters

With any luck, broken or expired source links may soon be a thing of the past. Gigaom

Intel Labs researcher says in the future, we will bond with our technology. Scientific American

It takes a long time to design IKEA furniture. WSJ

BMW Guggenheim Lab is exhibiting ‘100 Urban Trends’ in NYC through January 5. Popsop

Netflix is supposedly negotiating with US cable providers. TechCrunch

Google wants to pay people to track their mobile phone usage habits with its new app. Engadget

The value of luxury goods is really just dependent on consumers. Seth Godin

‘Local currency’ might take support of local business too far. The Telegraph

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